Johnny Hadley Jr.
Chief of Administration and Planning
Interim Disability Coordinator
Department of Health and Social Services
Pohnpei State Government
P.O Box 189
Kolonia Pohnpei 96941
Tel: (691) 320-2216 / 3805 Ext. 120



“To provide professional and effective administrative services to PSDHSS to ensure the availability of human, financial and material resources necessary to provide an appropriate standard of health care services to the people and residents of Pohnpei and at all times being mindful of the PSDHSS Mission Statement.”


The responsibilities of the Administration Office are:

• To oversee the day to day administrative functions and organization of the Department of Health and Social Services (PSDHSS) following the objectives of the PSDHSS Mission Statement.

• To ensure sufficient human, financial and material resources are available to provide an appropriate standard of health care services to the people of Pohnpei State.

• To ensure the ongoing maintenance of the PSDHSS Quality Assurance Program within all units of PSDHSS for standards of health care delivery to continually increase.

• To ensure adequate strategic planning is undertaken to prepare for the future health care needs of the people of Pohnpei State.

• To ensure that all PSDHSS obligating documents is authorized, legitimate and expended in terms of the Budget provisions, and appropriate records are maintained on all expenditures and accounts payable for audit by state government auditors.

(Obligating documents: Purchase Order, Personnel Action, Payments, Contracts, etc)

• To ensure there are adequate trained staff for all operational areas of PSDHSS and that staff have the opportunity to grow both personally and professionally with available learning programs and college courses.

• To employ, suspend or terminate PSDHSS staff.

• To ensure all staff receives pay for actual hours worked.

• To ensure strong links of communication exist between the Administration Office and all PSDHSS Divisions and the Outer Island Dispensaries.

• To ensure an operational PSDHSS Information Technology System for efficient and accurate patient/client registries, billing, inventories, reports and statistics.

• To manage outside contracts to ensure they are updated and that goods and services from contractors are delivered as per contracts.

• To manage the PSDHSS motor vehicle pool.



To ensure the Administration Office is adequately staffed to achieve effective day to day operations of PSDHSS.


The following key staffare located or within close proximity of the Administration Office:

  • PSDHS Director
  • Chief Division of Administration
  • Executive Secretary
  • Fiscal Officer
  • Information Technology (IT)
  • Chief Division of Medical Services
  • Chief Nurse
  • Account Clerk
  • Quality Assurance Coordinator

The PSDHSS Quality Assurance Coordinator reports directly to the Director of Health and Social Services.

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